The mission of the

Georgetown Township Fire Protection District

is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

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Hiring Process

Georgetown Township Fire Protection District

5610 Corydon Ridge Road Georgetown, IN.  47112

(812) 948-0288 Phone (812) 948-8825 Fax

Hiring List – Job Posting


Salary: $31,000 (Plus incentive pay for being an EMT)

Increasing to $35,000 (Plus incentive pay for being an EMT) as of January 1, 2021

Hours: 24 on 48 off Shift


Medical, Dental, Life Insurance and a Matched Retirement Plan.

Prerequisites Listed Below

Firefighter 1 & 2 (Indiana or IFSAC)

One Year of Firefighting Experience

Twenty-One (21) Years of Age by date of hire

High School Diploma

Valid Drivers License with good Driving Record

NIMS 100, 200, 700, 800 Thirty days after hire

Emergency Medical Responder (Indiana or National Registry Certifications)

Application Deadline: September 1st, 2020 @ 5pm

Applications May Be Picked Up At Georgetown Headquarters, 5610 Corydon Ridge RD, Georgetown, Indiana 47122

Written and Physical Agility Examination –September 19th, 2020 @ 9am

Written and Physical Agility Examination Rain Date –September 26th, @ 9am

 Interview – To be scheduled

*The established hiring list will be effective for one calendar year*

Item Available for Purchase through Bid Process (UTV)

Notice of :  Public Sealed bid for sale of equipment.

Equipment For Sale: 2018 Intimidator UTV

$16,000 Dollar Minimum Bid Acceptance

Description Of Equipment: 2018 UTV Automatic transmission 4×4. Like new condition Mileage:22 Hours :10 Seats 6. Full size spare tire mounted on roll cage; Winch mounted on front with a winch controller accessible from the cabin area. Aftermarket LED lights covering 360 degrees around the vehicle. Battery tender plug in hardwired into charging system. Photos of the UTV can be found on all of our social media platforms as well as our department Web Page: (Skid Unit in rear is NOT included)

Bid Information: The Sealed Bidding process will begin on Monday August 3rd 2020 at 0800 and will close on Friday August 14th 2020 at 1700 .  All Bids must contain the bidders Name, Address, working phone number, email address, as well as the dollar amount the bidder is prepared to pay for the item. All Bids will be opened and reviewed on August 14th after 1700 hrs. The person who offers the highest dollar amount will be awarded the item. Once the winning bid has been selected and you have been contacted you will have 72 hours to pay for and take possession of the item.

In The Event Of A Tie: If more than 1 bidder offers the same amount that happens to be the highest amount offered for the item then all bidders involved with the tie will be contacted. The bidders involved will then have 48 hours to drop off a new sealed bid. At the end of the 48 hours we will open and review the new bids and will contact the highest bidder. They will then have 72 hours to pay for and take possession of the item.

Please feel free to contact our headquarters station with any questions concerning this process @ 812- 948- 0288. UTV is available for viewing at 5610 Corydon Ridge Rd. Georgetown, IN (47122)

Your Staff

Deputy Chief

Jim Mayfield

Active Members

Junior Firefighter

Zachary Simms

Active Firefighter

Nicholas Fulkerson

Active Firefighter

Jacob Wheeler

Active Firefighter

Issac Williams

Active Firefighter

Brent Oliver

Active Firefighter

Tara Green

Active Firefighter

Joshua Ruckle

Active Firefighter

Zech Berry


Geoff McNulty


Nathan Thompson


Matthew Kidd

Active Firefighter

Cory Reecer

Active Firefighter

Scott Hutt

Active Firefighter

Matthew Mills

Active Firefighter

Corey Payne

Active Firefighter

Chad Graves

Active Firefighter

Corey Carwile


Chris Pellman

Active Firefighter

Allyson Cianci

Active Firefighter


Retired Members


John Canaday

Assistant Chief – Retired

Mark Ringenberg

Board Members


Jason Sharp


Michael Moody

Board Member

Denny Kunkel

Assistant Chief – Retired

Mark Ringenberg

Vice Chairman

Chris Carter

Do you have what it takes to be a Volunteer Firefighter?

Do you have the courage to act?  The ability to perform?  To be the one running into an emergency when everyone else is running out?

If so then become a volunteer firefighter.  The Georgetown Township Fire Protection District is looking for motivated individuals with strong morals and integrity to join our team.  You will get the satisfaction of helping your community, training, and other benefits.  If interested please stop by our headquarters at 5610 Corydon Ridge Rd., Monday thru Friday from 9am to 5pm, call 812-948-0288 to set up a differnet time to pick up an application and meet the staff or click on the How to Apply tab.

Becoming a volunteer firefighter with the Georgetown Township Fire Protection District may be one of the most rewarding things you ever do.

A Brief History of the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department and GTFPD

In the early 1950’s Georgetown did not have an organized fire department to help battle the fires that seem to become more numerous with the use of coal for heating in the mostly wood frame houses. The first firetruck that the town’s people used was a 1927 model that was housed in a one bay block garage located at State Rd. 64 and then Old State Road 64 (Georgetown Greenville Road).

In 1953 a large portion of the downtown area was destroyed by fire. The towns feed mill, grocery stores and one home was lost.

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Station 1

8910 State Road 64

Georgetown, Indiana 47122


Fax: 812-399-1053

Station 2

5610 Corydon Ridge Road

Georgetown, Indiana, 47122


Fax: 812-948-8825