The mission of the

Georgetown Township Fire Protection District

is to provide quality fire, rescue, and emergency services to the residents of Georgetown Township.

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Recent News

Training Bureau Update June 2015

See our training update for June. Check it out.

The Naming Of A Truck

Georgetown Township Fire Protection District has recently taken ownership of a 105′ Smeal Ladder, the staff at GTFD worked long and hard to find such an outstanding value for a piece of equipment that is going to last this district for years to come.  The objective of the ladder, known as,”The Little Chief,” is to be able to reach multiple stories and rescue trapped individuals from a greater distances.  More here…

Training Bureau Update April 2015

Check out our busy training update for April. Check it out here.

Your Staff


Assistant Chief

Mark Ringenberg


Deputy Chief

Jon Saulman



Jim Mayfield

Active Members

SGT Zach Raymer


Zach Raymer

SGT Geoff McNulty


Geoff McNulty

LT Nathan Thompson


Nathan Thompson

LT Matthew Kidd


Matthew Kidd

LT Randal Crosier


Randal Crosier

FF Todd Hoehn

Active Firefighter

Todd Hoehn

FF Todd Atherton

Active Firefighter

Todd Atherton

FF Ron Shively

Active Firefighter

Ron Shively

FF Robert Wilson

Active Firefighter

Robert Wilson

FF Scott Zachow

Active Firefighter

Scott Zachow

FF Mike Chadwick

Active Firefighter

Mike Chadwick

FF Luke Coward

Active Firefighter

Luke Coward

FF Joey LaPlant

Active Firefighters

Joey LaPlant

FF Jeff Miller

Active Firefighter

Jeff Miller

FF Eric Riley

Active Firefighter

Eric Riley

FF Derek Wood

Active Firefighter

Derek Wood

FF Corey Reecer

Active Firefighter

Corey Reecer


Active Firefighter

Zack Wolf


Active Firefighter

Scott Hutt


Active Firefighter

Matthew Mills


Active Firefighter

Matt Fight


Active Firefighter

Kim Knear


Active Firefighter

Daniel Forrester


Active Firefighter

Corey Payne


Active Firefighter

Chad Graves


Active Firefighter

Andy Northern

FF John Canaday

Active Firefighter

John Canaday

FF David Taylor

Active Firefighter

David Taylor

FF Tera Smith

Active Firefighter

Tera Smith

FF Corey Carwile

Active Firefighter

Corey Carwile

FF Colin McCulloch

Active Firefighter

Colin McCulloch

FF Mark Smythe

Active Firefighter

Mark Smythe

FF Chris Pellman

Active Firefighter

Chris Pellman

FF Allyson Cianci

Active Firefighter

Allyson Cianci

FF Eric Freeman

Active Firefighter

Eric Freeman

FF Jon Garr

Active Firefighter

Jon Garr


Active Firefighter


Board Members

Board Member

William Jewell

Board Member

Michael Moody

Board Member

Denny Kunkel

Board Member

Steven Hardin

Board Member

Danny Gaither

Board Member

J. Glenn Gagel, Jr

Board Member

Chris Carter

A Brief History of the Georgetown Volunteer Fire Department and GTFPD

In the early 1950’s Georgetown did not have an organized fire department to help battle the fires that seem to become more numerous with the use of coal for heating in the mostly wood frame houses. The first firetruck that the town’s people used was a 1927 model that was housed in a one bay block garage located at State Rd. 64 and then Old State Road 64 (Georgetown Greenville Road).

In 1953 a large portion of the downtown area was destroyed by fire. The towns feed mill, grocery stores and one home was lost.

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Combination Fire District

What is a combination fire department? It is what we are.

Simply put, a combination fire department uses both volunteer and paid full-time firefighters to respond to fires, medical emergencies, rescue and other calls.

Our fire district has 10 full time firefighters, part time firefighters and volunteers. As our community has grown we have had to have full time firefighters for a quick initial response.

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Firehouse 1

8910 State Road 64

Georgetown, Indiana, 47122


Firehouse 2

5610 Corydon Ridge Road

Georgetown, Indiana, 47122


Fax: 812-948-8825