About Our Training

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Props that we use: Flashover Trailer Forcible Door Entry Prop Firefighter Self Rescue Trailer(mobile) Ventilation Prop Forcible Window Entry Prop Technical Rope Rescue Tower Car Fire Prop Floor Failure Prop Machinery Rescue Prop Live Burn Tower Search & Rescue Prop Rescue Mannequin’s (4) Various Sizes Wall Breach Prop Confined Space/Entanglement Prop Burn Pan Extinguisher Training… Read more »

Engine 21

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Unit Make Year Pump Water What is this used for? Engine 21 Toyne 2014 1500 GPM 1000 gal Station 1 First due apparatus for fire suppression

Combination Fire District

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What is a combination fire department? It is what we are. Simply put, a combination fire department uses both volunteer and paid full-time firefighters to respond to fires, medical emergencies, rescue and other calls. Our fire district has 10 full time firefighters, part time firefighters and volunteers. As our community has grown we have had… Read more »

CPR at Highland Hills Middle School

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The Georgetown Township Fire Protection District would like to thank Highland Hills Middle School for the opportunity to teach the 7th grade Health Class spring semester CPR and first aid. Instructors form GTFD taught student every Wednesday and was able to educate approximately 460 seventh grade students on skills that could possibly save a life…. Read more »