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What is a combination fire department? It is what we are.

Simply put, a combination fire department uses both volunteer and paid full-time firefighters to respond to fires, medical emergencies, rescue and other calls.

Our fire district has 10 full time firefighters, part time firefighters and volunteers. As our community has grown we have had to have full time firefighters for a quick initial response.

The volunteer firefighter system today is far different than it was just 10 years ago. In the past, volunteers lived and worked in the communities they served and they often served as a volunteer until they retired. Due to many changes in society and the economy in general, this traditional respond-from-home volunteer has declined.

Today the majority of our volunteers can only devote specific periods of time to on-duty coverage and some do not live in the area. Many of our volunteers view their volunteer service as a stepping stone to a paid position in the future. This is typical of volunteer fire service in the rest of the country.

Volunteers are critical to our operation and we could not operate without them.