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In the early 1950’s Georgetown did not have an organized fire department to help battle the fires that seem to become more numerous with the use of coal for heating in the mostly wood frame houses. The first firetruck that the town’s people used was a 1927 model that was housed in a one bay block garage located at State Rd. 64 and then Old State Road 64 (Georgetown Greenville Road).

In 1953 a large portion of the downtown area was destroyed by fire. The towns feed mill, grocery stores and one home was lost.

In 1954 a fire broke out in a house that stood where the Georgetown Drive-In is today. Several towns’ people formed a bucket brigade to relay water to the fire from a nearby spring. The house was destroyed.

In 1960 a fire erupted in the Methodist Church that stood in front of where Georgetown Fire Station 1 is today. The only portion of the church left standing was used to construct the old Station 1 that was used until 1987 when the present station was built.

After the Methodist Church was destroyed Georgetown resident Bennie Hinton organized a meeting in the basement of the United Brotheran Church. The group of concerned citizens recognized Georgetown’s need for an organized fire department which up to this time relied on fire crews from neighboring New Albany.

In 1961 Georgetown Township Volunteer Fire Department was formed. An oil tanker was purchased and converted to be used as the first fire truck.

The members were organized in two groups. A day crew, made up of mostly firemen’s wives, would cover during the day while the men were at work. And the men would cover the overnight hours.

Georgetown’s first Fire Chief was George Hieb who was a firefighter in Louisville. George conducted training for the firefighters on a regular basis which now numbered 25.

Felton Hood served as Fire Chief from 1962 till 1964 when he was involved in a crash on State Road 64 on the way to a fire. Felton never fully recovered from his injuries and passed away in 1968.

In 1975 Georgetown and Edwardsville Fire Departments merged. The Edwardsville fire house was located at Corydon Pike and Old Georgetown Road and still stands today.

In 1987 property was bought behind Georgetown Station 1 and a new fire house was built and the old block two bay station was torn down.

In 1995 a new Georgetown Station 2 was built at 5610 Corydon Ridge Rd. and became the department’s headquarters.

The Georgetown Township Volunteer Fire Department always strived to be proactive in the fire service and developed many procedures and systems that are still in use today.

With the call volume increasing and the lack of available manpower to make the day time runs the

department petitioned to create a fire district. in 2007 the Georgetown Fire Protection District was formed.