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The training division continues to strive to improve our staffs knowledge by keeping our staff busy with a multitude of different trainings. In the months of June and July GTFD staff have participated in a LEPC Mass Casualty Drill, Extrication Train the Trainer,  and  a Heroin and Fentanyl class. We have focused our crew training’s on pumping operations, ventilation, nozzle work, building construction, drivers training, engine company operations, and street familiarization just to name a few.

Moreover, we have completed a Module A (Mandatory Firefighter) class for a new volunteer. This class covers all the basic education required of a firefighter as governed by IDHS. The class includes topics such as; Orientation to the Fire Service, Firefighter Safety and Health, PPE/ SCBA, Ladders, Ventilation, Hose, Fire Streams, and Water Supply. This class is the first step in being able to operate as a firefighter. Our training’s have been built around strengthening our basic fundamentals and gaining knowledge in more complicated area.