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The training division has been hard at work in March keeping our staff busy with a multitude of different training’s. We have sent 3 members to an Instructor II/III class hosted by Greenville Township Volunteer Fire Dept., 4 staff members to Jasper Fire School for classes in Extrication, Strategy and Tactics, and Module A (Mandatory Firefighter). Crew training’s have been on Hose loads, Scene Size-up, Strategy and Tactics, engine company operations, truck company operations, wildland firefighting, search and rescue, and drivers training just to name a few. Our training’s have been built around strengthening our basic fundamentals and gaining knowledge in more complicated area.

Moreover, we have assisted in testing out seventh grade students for CPR at Highland Hills Middle School. We assist the health teachers with instruction on the fundamentals of CPR and chocking to certify students who pass a written and practical exam through the American Heart Association. We assist in teaching approximately 400 students from January through May. We have been doing
this for several years now and this is a program that the district looks forward to.